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Art is a continuous, developing process for me. Every time I encounter, or complete, another piece of artwork, I have a chance to broaden my thoughts and approach to my work. Each piece is an experiment, an attempt to look at things a bit differently than the time before.


I've immersed myself in the visual arts since an early age, beginning with classes in oil painting. I loved the freedom it allowed me. Art slowly became a creative outlet for my emotions, and a necessity in my life. I have explored various media including printmaking, charcoal and oil pastels, and handmade pottery. Central to this offering, however, is my abiding interest in the design and creation of handcrafted jewelry.

I began working in metals 23 years ago and it has been my primary medium since that time. My work in jewelry allows me to bring my long-term interest in organic forms to a three-dimensional level. I work primarily in fine and sterling silver, using a variety of stones, most often in their original form. I enjoy the irregular shapes of stones found in nature. I feel I can be more playful in my jewelry pieces; each is a small work of personal art. Working in metal allows me to broaden my use of textures. I can expand upon ideas I've explored in other media. Abstract designs, patterns and geometric shapes interest me, and working in metal gives me an outlet to give shape to my ideas. 

I am always searching for new opportunities to grow artistically. I enjoy exploring various materials and processes in my work, such as etching, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), resin, plastic, acrylic sheet and steel mesh. These materials allow me to take my love of organic forms and textures to another level. Some works have included textures in paper and textiles as my inspiration. Recent explorations have included incorporating color through torch and kiln fired enameling. Please visit my site often to see what new works I have created! 

Adrienne is a Bucks County, PA native. She received her B.A. in Fine Arts from Loyola College in Maryland and her Art Education certification from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA. She has her Masters in Education with a Major in Art from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She is a Juried Master Craftsmen of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen. She is a member of the American Craft Council Online Artists Directory. She has taught jewelry and metalsmithing at the Wayne Art Center and has won awards for her work, including Interweave's 2022 Jewelry Arts Awards: Tucson Show Guide Cover Competition.

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